Waterlix is Selected to be in Florida Trade Mission, Aug 15-17

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Resilient Utility Coalition in Florida has selected Waterlix to be in the Trade mission to Miami, Tampa, and Orlando on August 15-17 which is arranged by the Ministry of International Trade.

Waterlix with its proprietary and unique technology for accurate identification of vulnerable segments of water networks will help Florida to reduce its water loss efficiently.

Florida with its special geography and soil type is a vulnerable area for sinkholes which are mainly formed as a result of water leakage in cities. Water/sewer main breaks also are the reason behind contamination of groundwater and ultimately affect lakes which Florida is struggling in recent years like many other cities around the great lakes in the North.

WaterliX-Ray solution is capable of targeting small segments within water mains and sewer lines as vulnerable areas and bridges the financing gap for their renovation.  It brings back the control to utilities for being proactive in a feasible way by targeting the next locations for breaks and reduces the costs and water loss tremendously.

It could predict 85% of the water main breaks in only 3% of the water network in the city of Kitchener, ON. A city which is relatively an old one in Canada and the forecast was done on 20% of a data set with a size of nearly 1900 watermain breaks as the test data which were in a span of 17 years.

Waterlix is proud of being a solution provider in this mission and would look forward cooperating with all the three cities and implement pilot projects as the very first step to provide insight about the exact benefit for cities and how many percents of their network really needs a change to reduce a big chunk of water losses.



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