Canadian Water Loss Map

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Back in 2015, the following map was created which is a summary of some of the costs of water-loss and water damage in Canadian cities. This is the Canadian map only since we didn’t find any other water loss survey. If you are aware of a report for any other country or an update of the survey after 2011, please let us know. Here is a description of sources that were used for the map.


Sources: The Non-Revenue Water Percentage and the volume of water in each city is taken from Environment Canada Summary Data (2009, updated Oct 19, 2011)

EPA believes the water leakage in homes is equal to 11M households water use, which is 10% of the total households in USA,

Water Damage is calculated based on 40% of the total paid home insurance to homeowners
KPMG Report – footnote on Page 6 and also total amount of the paid damages by insurance companies is from, Insurance Board of Canada report – page 25.

The wasted water and waste water value is calculated by averaging the prices provided in few cities websites in Ontario and the combined value of water and waste water is considered to be $3.8/M3. The CO2 emission is calculated based on an approximation of the required energy for a cubic meter, which is considered to be 2KG/M3.
This Map is Generated Using Google Map by Waterlix Inc. and it is free for sharing.

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