Waterlix helps water utility companies to avoid risk in a proactive way. Asset managers know that changing water mains based on age, type, and size of the pipes is not an efficient approach. This remains no other alternative to reactive approach: "Fix when it Breaks"

Waterlix has completely changed the paradigm of water network maintenance with its solution: WaterliX-Ray. WaterliX-Ray predicted 85% of the main breaks in only 3% of the water network for the city of Kitchener. This can solve the financial gap problem for maintaining water and waste water assets in cities with an old infrastructure.

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  • Water-related asset management
  • Water leakage in premises
  • Ground water and lakes pollution


  • WaterliX-Ray: for proactive asset management
  • WaterliX-SmartLeak: for leakageĀ  detection in premises
  • and WaterliX-LakeWatch: for pollution monitoring in lakes

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